המשחק Ambition for Illuninus הוא גרסת ההרחבה למשחק האקשן הבדיוני Phantasy Star Universe, המשחק יהיה זמין להורדה עבור קונסולת ה-Xbox360 בתמורה ל-1600 נקודות מיקרוסופט החל מהתאריך ה-20 לנובמבר 2007. בעלי ה-PC וה-PS2 יאלצו לחכות עוד עד לתאריך ה-11.1.2008 ואז הם יוכלו לקנות אותו בכל רחבי אירופה ובתקווה שגם  בחנויות בישראל תמורת סכום של כ-210 ש"ח.

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Thursday, 17 April 2008
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19/08/2008      Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm (c) Navarre 

17/08/2008      Restaurant Rush v1 0

17/08/2008      Elven Mists 2 v1 0

17/08/2008      Amazing Adventures The Lost Tomb v1  

16/08/2008      Wall-E (c) THQ

16/08/2008      DarkSide Arklight 2 v1 1 4 0

16/08/2008      Combat Wings Battle of the Pacific

15/08/2008      Shattered Suns (c) Clear Crown Studios

15/08/2008      Fate (c) Wild Tangent

15/08/2008      Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island (c) City Interactive

14/08/2008      Wildlife Zoo Deluxe Edition (c) Dreamcatcher

13/08/2008      Space Siege (c) Sega

12/08/2008      Tank Combat (c) City Interactive

12/08/2008      Imperium Romanum Emperor Expansion (c) Kalypso Media

08/08/2008      Battlestrike Force of Resistance (c) City Interactiv

06/08/2008      The Lost Crown: A Ghost-hunting Adventure (c) Lighthouse Interactive

06/08/2008      Summer Athletics (c) 49Games

My First Pony (c) GSP Software      05/08/2008

05/08/2008      Hunting Unlimited 2009 (c) Valusoft

05/08/2008      Ancient Warfare: Gallic Wars (c) HPS

03/08/2008      Civil War Battles: Antietam (c) HPS

02/08/2008      Beijing 2008 (c) SEGA

30/07/2008      Marine Sharpshooter 4 (c) Groove Games

30/07/2008      Absolute Obedience (c) JAST USA

30/07/2008      FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage (c) Bugbear Entertainment

29/07/2008      Legend Hand Of God (c) THQ

 21/07/2008      Crazy Machines II (c) Viva Media 

21/07/2008      Space Chimps (c) Brash Entertainment

14/07/2008      Aurora The Secret Within (c) Lexicon Entertainment

14/07/2008      Helicopter Strike Force (c) Team 6

11/07/2008      Nancy Drew: The Phantom Of Venice (c) Her Interactive

10/07/2008      Panzer Command Kharkov (c) Matrix Games 

10/07/2008      Roogoo (c) South Peak Interactive

09/07/2008      Alone In The Dark (c) Atari

09/07/2008      Devil May Cry 4 (c) Capcom

08/07/2008      Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX: Space Shuttle (c) Just Flight

08/07/2008      Baseball Mogul 2009 (c) Sports Mogul 

07/07/2008      The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (c) Disney Interactive

06/07/2008      Deep Voyage v0.99.080629 (c) Mad Gears

05/07/2008      Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles v1.0.3 (c) Big Fish Games

04/07/2008      Stand O Food 2 v1.0 (c) Shape Games

04/07/2008      Jewelleria v1.0 (c) Sulus Games

03/07/2008      Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor (c) Stardock

03/07/2008      Perry Rhodan (c) Deep Silver

02/07/2008      International Cricket Captain 2008 (c) Empire Interactive

02/07/2008      Mystery of Unicorn Castle v (c) Big Fish Games

01/07/2008      Turtix 2: Rescue Adventures v 1.2 (c) BigFish Games

01/07/2008      Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor (c) Stardock

01/07/2008      First Class Flurry v0.9.0.0r374 (c) Viqua Games

01/07/2008      Elements Of Destruction (c) THQ

28/06/2008      Pro Cycling Manager 2008 (c) Cyanide

28/06/2008      The Backyardigans: Mission to Mars (c) Activision

27/06/2008      SPORE Creature Creator (c) Electronic Arts

27/06/2008      Samurai Warriors 2 (c) KOEI

27/06/2008      Terrorist Takedown: Conflict in Mogadishu (c) City Interactive

27/06/2008      Wings of Honour: Battles of The Red Baron (c) City Interactive

26/06/2008      Xyanide Resurrection (c) Playlogic

25/06/2008      The History Channel Lost Worlds v1.0 (c) Oberon Media

25/06/2008      Starscape v2 3MP (c) MoonPod

25/06/2008      Sim City Societies Deluxe Edition (c) EA Games

25/06/2008      Wall-E (c) THQ

25/06/2008      Simcity Societies Deluxe (c) EA Games

24/06/2008      Hap Hazard v2.0 (c) Raptisoft

24/06/2008      Civil Disturbance (c) Garage Games

24/06/2008      Sommer Sport Pack (c) Incagold

24/06/2008      The Sims 2: IKEA Home Stuff (c) EA Games

24/06/2008      The Political Machines 2008 (c) Stardock

22/06/2008      So Blonde (c) Anaconda

21/06/2008      GP vs SuperBike (c) GSP

21/06/2008      Hotwired and Gone (c) Incagold

20/06/2008      Sunshine Acres v1.0 (c) Casual Forge Entertainment

20/06/2008      BOKU Dominoes v1.0 (c) EGames

20/06/2008      Amazing Adventures 2 Around the World v1.003 (c) SpinTop Games

20/06/2008      Trainz The Complete Collection (c) Paradox Interactive

20/06/2008      Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX Traffic (c) Just Flight

20/06/2008      Supreme Ruler 2020 (c) Paradox Interactive

20/06/2008      Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX VLJ Business Jet (c) Just Flight

20/06/2008      Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX Cargo Pilot (c) Just Flight

19/06/2008      Sniper Art of Victory (c) City Interactive

19/06/2008      Overspeed High Performance Street Racing (c) City Interactive

17/06/2008      Dam Beavers v1.0.0.45 (c) GameHouse Studios

17/06/2008      SBK 08 Superbike World Championship (c) Black Bean Games 

16/06/2008      Beauty Factory (c) City Interactive

15/06/2008      Backyard Baseball 09 (c) Atari

15/06/2008      Sango 2 (c) Magitech

14/06/2008      1000 Board and Puzzle Games (c) GSP

12/06/2008      The Incredible Hulk (c) SEGA

04/06/2008      Stronghold Crusader Extreme (c) Gamecock 

03/06/2008      LEGO Indiana Jones (c) LucasArts Entertainment Company  

01/06/2008      Rail Simulator: Offical Expansion (c) Just Trains

01/06/2008      Close Combat Modern Tactics (c) Atomic Games

01/06/2008      Lost Planet Extreme Condition Colonies Edition (c) Capcom

31/05/2008      Lightning Warrior Raidy (c) G-Collections

31/05/2008      The Settlers VI Rise Of An Empire (c) Ubisoft

31/05/2008      Dracula Origin (c) The Adventure Company

30/05/2008      Arca Sim Racing 08 (c) Sim Factory  

29/05/2008      Mass Effect (c) Electronic Arts  

28/05/2008      Race Driver: GRID (c) Codemasters  

28/05/2008      Gene Troopers (c) Playlogic   

27/05/2008      The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian (c) Disney Interactive  

24/05/2008      Perry Rhodan (c) Deep Silver  

20/05/2008      Terrorist Takedown 2: US Navy Seals (c) City Interactive  

20/05/2008      Donkey Xote (c) Revistronic

17/05/2008      Top Trumps Doctor Who (c) Eidos Interactive

 15/05/2008      Gems Quest v1.0 (c) Sulus

14/05/2008      Wedding Dash 2 Rings Around the World v1.0.0.72 (c) Sarbakan

14/05/2008      The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes v1.0 (c) uclick Games

14/05/2008      Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Battle March (c) Namco 

13/05/2008      Scallywag In the Lair of the Medusa (c) Chronic Reality

12/05/2008      The American Mexican War (c) HPS 

12/05/2008      GTR FIA GT Racing (c) SimBin

10/05/2008      Jack Keane (c) Strategy First

10/05/2008      Bus Simulator 2008 (c) GSP

10/05/2008      Dancing With The Stars (c) THQ/Valusoft

08/05/2008      Iron Man (c) Sega

06/05/2008      TrackMania United Forever (c) Nadeo

06/05/2008      Mahjongg Investigations Under Suspicion (c) GSP/Valusoft

29/04/2008      Football Mogul 2008 (c) IGS 

29/04/2008      Babblix v1.0 (c) Ubisoft

29/04/2008      The Lost Treasures of Alexandria v1.0 (c) uclick

28/04/2008      Jewel Island v1.0 (c) Ivanche

28/04/2008      Pets Fun House v1.0 (c) Linksolutions

27/04/2008      The Tuttles Madcap Misadventures (c) Big Fish Games

26/04/2008      The Sims 2 Double Deluxe (c) Electronic Arts

24/04/2008      Turok (c) Touchstone

22/04/2008      X-Plane 9  (c) Laminar Research

21/04/2008      Mission Runway (c) THQ

 20/04/2008        Crimes Of War (c) City Interactive 

16/04/2008        UEFA Euro 2008 (c) EA Sports 

16/04/2008       Simon The Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens (c) Silver Style Entertainment

15/04/2008      Jack Keane (c) Strategy First

14/04/2008      The Sims 2 Kitchen And Bath Interior Design (c) Electronic Arts

14/04/2008      UEFA Euro 2008 (c) EA Sports

13/04/2008      XIII Century: Death or Glory (c) 1C Company

12/04/2008      XIII Century: Death or Glory (c) 1C Company

11/04/2008      Australia Zoo Quest (c) Dreamcatcher

11/04/2008      Overclocked (c) Lighthouse Interactive

11/04/2008      Crusaders Thy Kingdom Come (c) Neocore

10/04/2008      Wings Over Israel (c) Third Wire

10/04/2008      Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come (c) Neocore Games

10/04/2008      Wildlife Park 2: Horses (c) Deep Silver

10/04/2008      Wildlife Park 2: Marine World (c) Deep Silver

09/04/2008      Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (c) Ubisoft

08/04/2008      Assassins Creed (c) Ubisoft

08/04/2008      Assassins Creed (c) Ubisof

06/04/2008      Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come (c) Neocore Games

04/04/2008      Aggression: Reign Over Europe (c) Playlogic

04/04/2008      Ship Simulator 2008: New Horizons (c) Lighthouse Interactive

03/04/2008      Merv Griffins Crosswords (c) Go Arcade

03/04/2008      Go Diego Go Safari Rescue (c) Activision

03/04/2008      Silverfall: Earth Awakening (c) Monte Cristo

02/04/2008      Merv Griffins Crosswords

31/03/2008      The Settlers VI: Rise Of An Empire - The Eastern Realm (c) Ubisoft

29/03/2008      Limbo of the Lost Bonus DVD (c) G2 Games

29/03/2008      Limbo of the Lost (c) G2 Games

29/03/2008      Toy Golf Extreme (c) Zoo Digital

28/03/2008      Fate of Hellas (c) Jowood

28/03/2008      The Golden Horde (c) Jowood

26/03/2008      Anno 1701 The Sunken Dragon (c) Aspyr

25/03/2008      Warriors Orochi (c) KOEI

24/03/2008      Build a Lot (c) MumboJumbo

22/03/2008      Night Watch Racing (c) Lexicon Entertainment

20/03/2008      Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of Spooky Manor (c) MumboJumbo

20/03/2008      Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath (c) EA

19/03/2008      Ford Off Road (c) Empire Interactive

19/03/2008      Ford Racing Off Road (c) Empire Interactive

15/03/2008      Lost Empire Immortals (c) Paradox Interactive

12/03/2008      The Lost Crown: A Ghost-hunting Adventure (c) Got Game Entertainment

12/03/2008      Seven Kingdoms Conquest (c) Enligh

12/03/2008      The Lost Crown: A Ghost-hunting Adventure (c) Got Game Entertainment

11/03/2008      Arctic Stud Poker Run (c) Got Game Entertainment

11/03/2008      Ricochet Infinity (c) Mumbo Jumbo

09/03/2008      Knights Of The Temple 2 (c) Evolved Games

09/03/2008      Turbo Pizza (c) Elephant

09/03/2008      Turbo Pizza (c) Elephant Entertainment

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